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 *AVP* TDM Donations

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PostSubject: *AVP* TDM Donations   *AVP* TDM Donations I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 26, 2009 9:11 pm

As of the moment im working on getting money to host our Team Death Match Server thats going to be hosted in Dallas.At the moment thanks to Sosoke I am perfecting an old server config of his. So along with the lines of writing a config im done. Along with the server comes a Ventrilo Server. You can help me pay for this by donating. You do not have to donate much seeing as its only $18.65 a month. While donating money, you are paying for a 24/7 Vent and Game Server with 20 spots each. Please donate and remember any amount is appreciated. To reach our donation button please go to this link.*** https://avpclan.forumotion.com/Server-Donations-h1.htm *** and remember

Happy Fragging, *AVP*Ry

*AVP* TDM Donations Mysiggyj
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*AVP* TDM Donations
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