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 hey guys long time

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hey guys long time Empty
PostSubject: hey guys long time   hey guys long time I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 18, 2010 10:04 pm

idk who checks this but mm....
for those of who that do not know, i joined the marines. I was originally going to get shipped off in January 17 of 2011 but things change when your in the military, so i have a new date to leave which is November 15 2010. When i get shipped off ill be gone for 3months; 13 weeks to be exact. After i come back i only get 10 days back of free time then ill will be gone for another month for mct (marine combat training) and then i go to my mos school which will be the job ill be learning for the marines. I thought i should let my quaker friends know. As much fun as i had with you guys im gonna miss you guys alot... So i guess this is goodbye? idk i just wont be able to play quake anymore cause ive basically gonna start a career as a marine so my life will be hectic and crazy soon... You guys can keep in contact with me still i have a facebook and shit just ask for it. Some of my closer quake friends have my number once im back and settle in to the new base in a couple months ill get a new cell and yall can hit that up if yall want Smile

But yea had fun quakeing it up, shoot some frags for me! While ill be shooting some m16 for you guys!

Love Sosoke (TJ Leuang =])

hey guys long time Sosoke10

hey guys long time Animesosoke
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hey guys long time
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