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 Rules For *AVP* members

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Rules For *AVP* members Empty
PostSubject: Rules For *AVP* members   Rules For *AVP* members I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 20, 2009 10:46 pm


No one likes rules, not even a soldier, so hear what, seeing as most of these are common sense I'm sure there is not going to be a need for me to make this long. Wink Plus i don't like having to write them!!

1. Don't cheat! isn't that easy? No hacks, or special .cfgs to gain a unfair advantage, its simple don't use anything PB wouldn't want you to use..

2. WEAR YOUR TAG. You are in *AVP* be proud of it!! Wear your tag. if you have a million aliases no problem but wear your tag.

3. As *AVP* good manners is required. Don't start fights or be an ass to people. and yes that includes trash talking, sure u can brag but don't go overboard.we are not saying be a saint but just don't be a devil got it? Its a game and the main thing behind it is making it fun for everyone, Also don't whine when we lose a scrim or war or anything at all we must show our opponents respect.

4. Thaw stealing - is frowned upon but its not really a crime to do it. So keep it to a minimum.

5. Listen an follow all the rules if any member is caught doing any of these will be suspended from the tag or will be banned depending on the conditions, now go out there and have fun king
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Rules For *AVP* members
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