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 Application Requirements. COPY AND PASTE INTO YOUR APP!

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PostSubject: Application Requirements. COPY AND PASTE INTO YOUR APP!   Sat Sep 12, 2009 11:01 pm

bounce Okay here we go guys, here is a simple format you can use to fill out a application for AVP.

1. Name include real name an all q3 names you have used
2. Age
3. Sex -male or female --- "yes please!" is not a suitable answer
4. Country
5. Number of Years playing quake 3.
6. Mods you play
7. Former clans if any ---please list them in chronological order--
8. Reasons for leaving clans - at least state the most recent one-
9. What servers you play on.
10. What times do you play.
11. Which *AVP* members you know.
12. Main reason for wanting to join *AVP*
13. Any other information you care to share. --

Good luck to all applicants!! cheers
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Application Requirements. COPY AND PASTE INTO YOUR APP!
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